Razor is an essential component of men’s skincare. They have left trails of clean, smooth, shaven skin after every single use. But, like all things, razors can’t last forever. So, when do you really need to replace your razor and how do we make it last long? Here are the answers.

Warning Signs

Several indications tell your razor has finally reached its time.


  • Feeling A Drag


A good razor should feel smooth against your skin even with the slightest pressure. If you feel the minor drag across your skin when you shave, that’s a sign of a blunt blade.  Using dull razor blade may cause few patches of your facial hair to look unshaven. It can also cause the skin around the shaven area to look red and have blotches.


  • Cuts On Your Skin.


Getting cut while shaving is a more extreme indication that your blade has gone dull. While getting a few nicks is a regular occurrence in shaving, it shouldn’t happen every single time you shave. In the event of a cut by a dull blade, apply lip balm to ease the cut.


  • Rust On The Blade.


All metals eventually corrode and form rusts, and your razor blade is not an exception. The presence of rust in your razor is the perfect indication to replace it with a new one. Using a rusty razor will not only be painful to the skin but also dangerous and unhygienic. You may risk getting your razor cuts infected with rust.

  • Using It After Six Or Seven Times.

Diane Wood, an expert barber from King of Shaves, New York, recommends changing your razor after 6-7 uses. Some low-quality razors may need to be replaced with that frequency, but high-quality blades do not. So, to ensure that you won’t incur so much from replacing razors, buy one of exceptional quality, like Bearded Colonel-branded razors.

Taking care of your razor

To ensure that your blade will last longer, you will need to take care of it as much as they do to you. You can do that by properly cleaning your razor after use. To clean, you will need to douse your razor with hot water to get rid of the hair and foam. Then gently tap your razor on the edge of your skin to get the last bits of follicles out.

Drying your razor in a place with no moisture is essential. Placing your razor in a moist environment like your bathroom will allow mildew or rust to form beneath the blades. In the event of mildew, gently scrub your razor with an old toothbrush then rinse in hot water.

On the other hand, with rust, use an old toothbrush and a vinegar and lemon solution to get rid of it.  However, it is still important to replace your razor if it starts to rust. If the rust is manageable, that’s fine; you can always clean it. But, if the blade starts to turn brown and orange, then throw it away.

Some Final Words

Razors will always be your partner in skincare only if they are still clean, sharp, and looking brand new. If you observe any of the warning signs of an aging, dull razor, replace it immediately. But, if you don’t want to spend so much money replacing razors, purchase a high-quality blade and cleaning supplies. A high-quality razor will last you a while, but cleaning it will make it last you a lifetime.