The term ‘commercial insurance’ seems a heavy word for some, especially for those who are new to the business scene. Fortunately, we have prepared a beginner’s guide for commercial insurance just for you!

Commercial Insurance – What It Means To You

Commercial insurance is one of the must-have components of any starting business owner. It protects you from severe financial losses that occur from accidents or damages. This insurance has three main types: liability insurance, property insurance, and worker’s compensation.

  • Liability Insurance

At times, the products of your business might do harm or damage to your customers. During those times, liability insurances will protect you. This type will insurance will pay for the damages, legal expenses, medical fees, and other related expenses that might incur.

  • Property Insurance

Whenever a business property is damaged, this insurance protects you from the loss that comes with it. It protects your place of business, furniture and fixtures, equipment, and other supplies so long as they’re your property.  

  • Worker’s Compensation

Because of inevitable accidents, your workers or employees might get injured on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance helps those workers of yours to get medical attention and wage compensation that they deserve. In the event of death, this insurance will pay for the expenses on the part of the worker’s family.  

Other than these, there are different types of commercial insurances that particular kinds of businesses should have. These include auto repair industry insurance, construction industry insurance, and business owner insurance.

  • Auto Repair Industry Insurance

This type of insurance covers all the possible losses, damages, and expenses of an auto repair shop.

  • Construction Industry Insurance

Due to the hazardous nature of construction, this insurance is created to cover damages that might occur on the job.

Procuring a Commercial Insurance

To procure a commercial insurance, you must approach a trusted and competent insurance agent to walk you through the process. They will discuss with you the possible implications of the different types of insurance and requirements for each. It is imperative that you clarify all unclear concepts and ask relevant questions before you procure the insurance.

Once you have procured your insurance and the need to use it arises, contact your insurance agent immediately. Avoid handling the claims yourself because it might violate your insurance contract. Always consult with your insurance agent.  

Why Should You Get Zuma Insurance

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Keeping your Business Safe

A business owner must always consider how he or she can sustain their business for a long while. And they can only do that if they have a commercial insurance that can protect their business. So, if you’re a business owner that wishes to see their business live another day, get a commercial insurance now!