A systematic and coordinate logistic structure is an essential component of a successful and well-maintained supply chain. But, this needs more time, labor, and capital that many companies simply do not have. So, a viable option would be to outsource your logistics services.

A good logistics company will always find a way to get goods delivered on time in the lowest price available. But, in this current age, that just isn’t enough. Here in Logistics BPO, we find affordable and efficient solutions to the problems and challenges of the BPO industry.

Who We Are

Logistics BPO is one of the leading, trusted sources of various logistic services. We have served numerous clients and agencies who are always more than satisfied with our services. We provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions to your logistical needs so your business can run like a well-oiled machine.

What We Do

We do several logistic services for fast-paced services. We guarantee that our work contributes to the effectivity of your company’s supply chain management.


  • Freight Bill Data Entry and Processing


We ensure smooth sailing of your business operations by effectively managing and organizing data. Our team makes sure that all data is processed in a timely and cost-effective manner. We also check each streamlined transaction to prevent glitches and errors such as duplicate bills, errors in prices, overpayment, and related issues.  


  • Freight Bill Auditing


Auditing freight rates have now become a challenge because of its complicated system. However, that is not a problem for our team. We provide excellent auditing services that take discounts, rate indexes, fuel surcharges, and others in careful consideration. We strive to create accurate analytic reports based on the information of your freight transactions.


  • Contract/Rate Management


Organizing, managing, and distributing service contracts have always been a challenge for every logistic provider. Many companies have tried to take this challenge head-on with their solutions, but only to give menial results. In Logistics BPO, we guarantee to produce excellent results with the use of our multifaceted solution.


  • Data Entry for B3 Forms


Processing B3 forms are important to a business’ supply chain effectivity, but they are difficult to do. B3 forms processing must be lea by a competent and dedicated team that specializes in this area. And Logistics BPO has the right team.

In Logistics BPO, we have trained specialists who can streamline and organize this process. All our specialists have acquired vast knowledge about the B3 form process from years of experience in the field. You can surely depend on our team to complete and process all your B3 forms with promptness and accuracy.  


  • Bill of Lading Verification Services


A bill of lading is an important legal document that describes the type, quantity, and destination of the shipment. Logistics BPO understands its importance in making speedy deliveries, so we ensure that they are accomplished swiftly and correctly. To do this, our team employs a well-structured method during the processing of this document.  


  • Invoice Processing


Invoice processing is one of the core strengths of our services. Thus, we can guarantee that we excel in this area of service. Being ISO 27001 certified, we apply stringent protocols and an effective systematic approach to ensure the protection of your invoicing system.

Why Choose Us

Logistics BPO is not like any other logistic service providers. We have spent several years in this industry, serving happy clients and giving more than what they asked. Our experience in the industry is unparalleled to other logistic service providers so we can assure you that we know what we are doing.   

Our team is more than proud to highlight the competency of our team! Because we only recruit highly skilled individuals, our team is composed of experienced specialists who excel in this field of expertise. They are also trained to follow procedures with utmost care to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the projects delivered.  

To ensure the quality of our performance, we employ strict quality assurance procedures. We cross-check our data entry projects to ensure no error is committed and to meet the client’s standards. This guarantees that our clients will receive 99% accurate data entries and 100% satisfaction.

In addition to that, we ensure the safety of our client’s data by storing it in secure and up-to-date data servers. We employ several security protocols to ensure that our clients feel safe and sound with their data in our hands.

Logistics BPO guarantees to accomplish all projects with the highest accuracy and minimal turnaround for 12-36 hours.