Benjamin Pakulski, also known as “Pak-Man,” is an International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) bodybuilder who won Mr. Canada ’08 competition. He has been dominating the Arnold Classic competition and done great during his first ever Mr. Olympia back in 2012.

Even at a young age, Benjamin Pakulski had already an interest in nutrition and also tried being a vegan for two years. Because of his interest, Benjamin was drawn to this sport of weightlifting. Years of training from the best were all he needed. Because of hard work, he has now created his very own Benjamin Pakulski Workout Program.

People Behind Benjamin Pakulski

By the age of 15, Benjamin was already trained by Tom Hall in Toronto. He was educated to perform the movements correctly which helped him enormously on his workout program. Because of his hard work, Benjamin was able to achieve his body goal to secure his first contract with MuscleTech. Working alongside with his trainer was Peter Chiasson, who was a health professional and has a background in kinesiology.

A few years after being successful at a young age, he caught the attention of Charles Poliquin and Charles Glass – two of the most prominent people in the bodybuilding society. Benjamin also received coaching from them.

Despite having a career when he was still young, he made sure to graduate with honors, taking up BS Kinesiology. From his experiences, winning a lot of bodybuilding competition, he now conducts seminars and a lot of coaching for those who have interest in bodybuilding.

Featuring Ben Pakulski

Ben has already been featured in the top performing sports magazines like “Inside Fitness,” “Musclemag,” “Fitness Rx,” and so much more. He has been invited to talk to different seminars about nutrition and health.

If you are someone wanting to start a career with bodybuilding, you might want to consult and give the Benjamin Pakulski Workout a shot.

Benjamin Pakulski Workout Program

Being known as the No. 1 Creator of BodyBuilders, Benjamin offers a lot of useful information on his website. He provides Internship Weekend coaching and even has himself available for Skype consultations.

Also, Ben offers to make custom workouts and nutrition plans, depending on your body’s needs. Considered to be the best in his field, the Benjamin Pakulski’s Workout Program is something you should try if you are into bodybuilding.

Is it Worth It?

Benjamin Pakulski Workout is available in the market for as low as $200. If you really are serious about getting into the world of bodybuilders, well, you can even get a more complete and rigid workout that can amount from $700 – $3000.

After more than 20 years of training, Ben sure knows how to bring out the best in you. His training is worth every cent if you are well-disciplined and eager to give all you 100% dedication. Benjamin Pakulski Workout will be all that you need if you just give it a try.

Be Like Ben

To be the most powerful and most successful bodybuilder out there, be like Ben. Try the Benjamin Pakulski Workout and see for yourself. After all, the most significant joy of a coach is watching his trainees and clients grow with him.